Tracking deliveries

Tracking deliveries is an important part because it will let you know where a delivery is at a certain moment, but keep in mind that you will need some requeriments first to use this.

There are a few ways of tracking deliveries.

Using a query to get all status

Using a query to get the last status


Setting up a WebHook to receive all status

This is the most recommended system so that it can get all status of your deliveries without the need of an integration or mapping on our side.

Your steps

  1. Expose an endpoint on HTTP verb POST that responds 202 or 200 on success type response and 400 o 500 on responses with errors.

  2. Create a list with expected own status.

  3. Create a request that adapts to your needs.

  4. Send that info to your technical support contact to set up de service.

iVoy steps

  1. Set up an endpoint on the WebHooks service.

  2. Map our status with the ones provided.

  3. Create a template to transform our data to the provided request.

  4. Send a request for each delivery update.

Using our tracking URL

When Create a delivery, and through the field trackingUrl you get the URL of our public tracking web, you can configure your logo and colors. If you want to personalize the tracking feature, please contact our technical support team.

If you want to create the URL on your own, you can use the following format (Only on production environment):


Where <trackingNumber> corresponds to the delivery field when Create a delivery.

Next steps